A Man Who has Friends Is A Rich Man

Law Enforcement’s Strong Brotherhood Ties…

Funeral of real-life hero Police Officer Michael Langsdorf who responded to a call about a person who tried to cash a bad check. In the ensuing struggle, Langsdorf was clobbered by the suspect with a gun in the head and then cold-bloodedly shot point-blank while he lay in the floor. This happened last 23 June 2019

WE HAVE SEEN IT NUMEROUS TIMES in the movies and TV, and from news reports in the papers and magazines, but we will never understand it nor really appreciate it, unless we too are a member of our police finest’s brotherhood in arms.

It is often understood that, woe to anybody who harm, or God forbid, cause the death of a police officer, because the rest of the police officers and the department will never sleep until they catch the villain who is responsible for the crime.

Every department, in every borough, in every city, in every state will be looking for you, and you will never escape the dragnet that the entire police department will cast on you. Unless, you leave the country. That is, if you even have the chance to leave the country.   Even the most reckless and ruthless of criminals – unless they are crazy – will never even dreamed about it. Even the most powerful of organize crime family, would be stupid to even to contemplate about it.

In times of tragedy, you could never witness, a stronger brotherhood ties and all-out support of each other than our police officers. They all go out of their way to be of assistance and support. Even their wives and girlfriends will lend a helping hand – sometimes the two of them together – without being asked, because it goes without saying, that when a fellow officer needs assistance and support in times of tragedy and needs, your help and support are required and needed, whatever help and support you are capable of providing. Because, when the times comes that you also require assistance – again, God forbid – you don’t have to call, because it is already accepted and understood that help and assistance will come your way. Oftentimes more than what you expect. Not just fellow officers will come to your aide, but the whole family of your fellow police officers.

And our Police Department Agency – not just our police force but including all men in uniform agencies in the United States Armed Forces – are the only organizations both private and federal will continue to provide help and assistance, even if the police officer has long been retired.

Of course, not just in times of tragedy does our concern police officers provide help and assistance with each other but also in times of celebration and triumph. You never see a closer ties and close-knit family relationship. Each feeling a relaxed, confident and familiar interaction than our police officers and men in uniform.

Unfortunately, unless you are a fellow member or officer you will never appreciate this kind of brotherhood and camaraderie. While our police officers are as close as clam with their fellow officers, they are as distant and as wary with civilians and outsiders. They shun closer relationships with outsiders who can never understand the difficult life of a police officer.

That’s what make our police officers unique and different with the rest of us civilians and outsiders. But while the police officers may not achieve much in terms of financial success and progress, than say, people in the corporate, business, legal and medical profession – unless they are dirty – they have their brotherhood and closeness that no other groups or organizations – not even organize crime who often times kill each other to grab the lucrative area or business that their competing organize crime family hold and possess – that is worth more than a lot of money.

Thus, a report several years ago of a police officer – in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, USA CareGivers Speak Out…Lisabeth Mackall – who met an accident while responding to a routine call for assistance, last January 2, 2012. The police officer – Frank Mackall – cars crash resulting in his suffering a traumatic brain injury ( TBI ). On March 27, after spending 84 days at the hospital, he was released to start his recovery and therapy at home. Upon his released he was surprised to see many of his fellow officers who welcome him back home, where a massive outpouring of support from member of the police department was seen in recent years.

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