Why Aspiring Self-published Authors need favorable recommendations from Fellow Authors

As a first-time and aspiring self-published author wanting to break into the literary business, is it important to have a favorable recommendations from fellow authors, aside from usual book reviews you can find online?

There are several agencies both public and paid agencies/individuals who do book reviews on new authors, or newly published book on the market.

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But first why do new and aspiring authors need book reviews for? Is a book review really that vital for readers to patronize and buy your book? Are book exhibits on book fair, advertisements, radio interviews and book signing more important than book reviews?

First off, radio interviews are preceded by readers who are curious about you and your book. Book signing is dependent on book sales. How could you do book-signing if nobody buys or wants to read your book? Even if you give free copies of your book for book signing is no guarantee if no one wants to read it. Maybe they’ll get your book for free to use as pillows or to put under the table because the pole supporting your table has been eaten by termites.

For aspiring authors book reviews are more important than you think, and more useful in marketing your book to potential readers and patrons. Than all other forms of promotions and marketing strategy.

Book review is generally a form of literary criticism, an opinion derived from the merit or demerit of the story in your book. They can take form as a critique or summary of the story in your book, and the significance, or hidden messages that the author want to convey.

Like the book, Catcher On the Rye by J.D. Salinger, reads like the story of the most depressed college drop-out adventure and his night passage, and his persistent question where do ducks go in winter? But the story actually according to book reviewer experts is a lamentation of a man who refused to grow-up, or an individual who is scared of growing-up, because he is unprepared to take on additional responsibilities that a grown-up has to borne and face.

Or Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 book while it reads as a hilarious misadventures of a group of weary and frightened aircraft bombers during the WWII war, who wants out since they already have flown more than the number of required flights. That’s where the catch-phrase comes up as coined by Joseph Heller on a type of ruling where there is no way out or the pilots have no choice on the matter.

Yet the book – even me when we discuss it on Comparative Lit, or Lit 202 understood the absurdity of the story – actually shows Heller’s opinion on the futility of war and the bureaucratic idiocy of the government. That the establishments is run by idiots who do not know what they’re doing. That often times madness runs through our government but is perceived as the right thing to do. That the only thing we victims/citizens has to do to maintain our sanity of the insanity of our establishments/governments is to laugh at it, because nobody can change anything. Madness will continue to reign in our government run by idiots who thinks they are doing well for the people or its citizens.

Book reviews are done by established companies or agencies, like ReadersMagnet on Goodreads, professional book reviewers and individual readers. Professional reviewers will tend to critique the book, implying its significance on the reading public. Reader’s review tend to be personal and discuss more the effect or significance of the book in relation to the reader.

Benefits of Book Review to Aspiring Authors

  • Visibility.

More reviews provide bigger and better chance of readers to notice your book. More reviews also indicate book quality on whatever genre your book belongs. Makes reader more familiar about your book. Gives reader an idea on what your book is all about and the type or style your book belongs. Like if readers are looking for crime novels that read like Elmore Leonard, but couldn’t avail more of his book because Elmore has become inactive at the moment, reviewers might try your book for size if it lives up to its image. Or probably, likes the type of hardboiled detective or tough cop crime stories by Mickey Spillane, Connolly, Ellroy and Loren Estleman,  then reviewers might drumbeat your book as belonging to this type of genre. And all it takes is that one break for your book to make or break. Which is made possible because they relied on the book review of your book.

  • Trend-Setting

More reviews may spark newer and greater interest on your book and will result on radio or TV interview for readers and patrons to know more about you and your book. This will also lead to the much awaited book signing that all authors dream about as a sign of having finally arrived and break through the veil of anonymity.

  • Determine Niche and Market Base.

Book reviews will determine which specific clientele or readers your book will fall into. More than just genre, it will help pinpoint niche and market base for your book. For instance, most of the Southern States, prefer crime novels written in the tradition of James Lee Burke that includes family history, not just pure crime stories. Or maybe they prefer Western type or Cowboy stories or Western stories saga, in the tradition of John Jakes and Mary Fuller Ross. Readers review will target this market and influence readers to purchase your book. Certainly, unknown to most authors reviews plays a great deal about the make or break of a book.

While there are obvious advantages and benefits about professional book reviewers, readers reviews and agencies, like ReadersMagnet on Goodreads, Author’s review on fellow authors is also very significant and vital.

 Author’s review will touch on several subjects and concerns that only authors knew about a book how it is written, what is its intentions, and significance. Many people has several opinions on different types of things, so does book reviewers on books. What they insist on objectivity of the matter, is really opinion that affects them personally. Like every artists – whether painters, sculptures and writers – always shows a part of themselves in their art.

Author’s review is more of an insider’s view and what it’s like to be a struggling author, wishing to sell its first ever book. The pain, and the struggle and what the book is all about. What this book meant to the writer. Why the writer did wrote this particular book in this particular manner. And why it is important for him to write this book, and why should people read this book.

This insider’s view can only be visible and discernible by fellow authors. Like it takes a thief to know a fellow thief.

Getting another author like you to review another author’s book or writing is not just a credible book review, but is an abject acceptance and respect given by fellow author to another that you are worth your salt.

It tells you that you have already gotten the recognition from fellow authors and the literary community you sought to join. And you have finally arrived at the threshold of your destination. Readers will see this. If you have gained the trust and respect of fellow authors, then there is no question with the quality of your book, and no reason why readers should not believe them and eventually buy your book.

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