Artists Who Celebrate The Beauty of Nature Through Their Work

The beauty of nature has been a source of inspiration for many artists since time immemorial. Nature was a setting for artists to express their feelings and emotions, therefore, changing the face of art. Nature has given a lot for artists to work with. Nature is around us and embedded deep within us. Humanity is dependent on nature making us an inseparable combo. Nature has greatly touched our lives. Artworks inspired by nature have taken many forms and have served many purposes. The exploration of nature in terms of art has become endless. Nature is an open-ended inspiration fostering the creative juices of people. Here are some great artists who found reason to celebrate the beauty of nature:

Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is a Danish-Icelandic conceptual artist. He launched a fresh artwork, called Earth Perspectives, that will guide people away from the narrow, human-centric views of the planet. He has always been a foray of climate activism. His works have the ability to evoke emotional responses to climate change. His utilise elements, such as light, water, and air, to make immersive environments to intensify the viewer’s experience. According to Eliasson, his art is not just about decorating the world, but also about taking responsibility.   

Gabriella Eva Nagy

Gabriella Eva Nagy can be considered as a nature artist due to her works that include writing and illustrations. Gabriella Eva Nagy books, such as Enchanted Rainbows, The Dancing Butterflies, and The Moonlight Dance, are all inspired by nature and the mesmerizing creations found in nature. This Hungarian-born American is known for her whimsical illustrations of nature using bright and vibrant colors that invites readers to the astounding natural wonders and serenity.

She first earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Technology. Later on, she majored in Computer Animation and Multimedia from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She has always found joy in reaching out to children through visually stimulating and educational storytelling. She finds writing and illustrating for children is like stepping into a new dimension that transcends time and space, a world full of imagination and colors. She hopes to capture readers’ imaginations vividly, through her illustrations, inspiring them to take the journey.


Nils-Udo is a German artist known for creating environmental art since the 1960s. He moved away from the traditional creative process of painting in the studio and began to work with nature instead. He works with found materials in nature, such as leaves and branches, to create astounding, site-specific works of art. His works comprises delicately arranged petals and leaves, twigs, and wildflowers forming nests. His works are described as “utopias” that transform land into mysterious and dreamlike realms. Some often identify his creations as though they were made by the creatures of the forest.

According to Nils-Udo, the basic idea of his carts is to achieve absolute purity. All non-natural elements are ruled out as impure. Hence, he only used materials found in each natural space.

Jakkee Kongkaew

Jakkee Kongkaew is a Thailand-based artist known for his works Time of Change and Story from the Tree. He has won numerous art awards throughout his art career. He also received honorable mentions for his work in the ASEAN Graphic Art and Exhibition in 2012.  

Nives Palmic

Nives Palmic is a painter and art professor. She graduated in painting from Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts. At the present, she works as a professor in B2 and Gea College schools for adults in her alma mater. She also runs art courses and workshops on the side. There are also times where she works as a mentor and review writer on art exhibitions.

Palmic is renowned for her works Rhythm of Nature paintings, such as Blossom II, Sublime Beauty, and Silk. Her works are influenced by her adoration for old culture arts and her childhood— where she was immersed in nature and enjoyed freedom. However, her primary influence in painting is her father who was an amateur painter. As an artist, she believes her role is to see the importance of art in communication. She hopes to remind people of everything that is essential for human and in human.

Joan Jonas

Joan Jonas is a visual artist who has always been interested in evoking the fragility of nature in the times where there is a rapidly changing environment. Animals and the natural world have been her touchstones for her multifaceted line of work. The environmental situation was important for her that it became visible in her works. She continues to explore environmental concerns in hopes to address serious questions concerning the natural world.

She is the pioneer of performance and video art. Jonas has a degree in Art History from Mount Holyoke College. Later on, she studied sculpture and drawing at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She received an MFA in sculpture in 1965.

Alexandre Manuel

Alexandre Manuel is a photographer who travels around the world to record the natural wonders in constant motion. He first fell in love with his practice while he was traveling to Brazil. He only has his disposable camera when he started his passion. He has a Ph.D. in Language Science Studies. He was able to teach in this field for a few years before turning to photography. His exposure to dysphoria initiated his dedication to life of recording the silent aesthetic of the world. He also became passionate in land art and abstract paintings. All his works are all his observations of the sceneries as independents from human presence.

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