Self-Empowerment adds to your Game in Combating Life-struggles

“Fret not over the regrets, but cherish the lessons”-  Walter Hoge.

As we go along with our lives, we encounter different obstacles that will test us and teaches us some lessons. Most of these lessons are painful; sometimes, we are blinded by the idea of failure, and we choose to be at the heart of oblivion: being pessimistic about life and going on pretending that everything feels like an array of sunshine. Self-Empowerment is what Walter Hoge wanted us to learn. The best exercise to lift your soul in any situation that came under your way.

According to him, “Learning to love the inner self is what every person should strive to do in this life.” Life must go on no matter what circumstances are”. The only thing you have to do is grow from there and move forward in life. In that way, you can bounce back and begin anew.

The best way to experience life is by being the best you can be. Set aside the drawbacks that came into your mind, learn to prosper your capacity for decision-making, and be intelligent and watchful every step of the way. Creating an opportunity for yourself to grow is a necessary part of living since we live in a world where the only constant thing is change. However, being true to yourself is not a selfish business. It’s prioritizing your own good rather than leaving yourself in the abyss of defeat. The truthfulness of oneself is crucial since it is the primary requirement of fulfilling happiness in your life.

Certain things must go away, which is okay if you want to go on with your life. The most important lesson that life can give you is that over time, and people come and go. There comes the point when a particular people come into your life to teach you some valuable lessons that you can use for your next adventure in life. These kinds of people are fleeting. They come and go. They take your existence for granted but chin up, and they don’t last, remember that they are ephemeral people who were once part of your life, and now they are not. Don’t worry about it. Accept the fact that nothing is permanent. That everything is under an entropic dance of nature. When everything is changing, being you is what matters and the decisions that keep you from doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled.

According to Socrates that an unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates was trying to say that life must have a direction to follow or else it will not be worthy of being lived. You will eventually realize the meaning of the things you are doing in your life. That’s a process. First, you must experience being ignorant to your essence and only follow your desires and whims. Eventually, you will become mature and aware of your existence and purpose. You will ultimately realize the importance of friendship, love, family, and commitment. You will also experience doubts, and that is normal. Being mature is not a one-day process, and it isn’t as easy as it could be.

One must have a personal drive to achieve and the desire to improve or meet specific standards. One must commit to organizational goals. One must have an initiative and a readiness to act on opportunities and optimism or the ability to keep going and pursue goals in the face of setbacks or be resilient in every situation. Be relaxed and believe in yourself. When some things go terrible, examine the cause of the problem, ask yourself when it happened, and find a solution to overcome it. The only key to not being able to feel nervous is not to let the problem get under your skin. Rationalize the situation. Find ways, not reasons to give up.

Life is a maze, a paradox to be pondered. One must drench with experience and unlimited knowledge about the world and its functions. One must not limit their capacity to love, understand, communicate, and follow the purpose of belief. Everything is correlated with your goals, mindsets, and decisions. Everything is interconnected. Everything is part of nature, from the roots of the trees to the rocks and the heavens.

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