Bird’s-Eye View : On How to Protect the Nature’s Gift

Looking up above, you can see the magnificent creation in the large picture. View that consist of plants, animals, bodies of water, and high-peak mountains. As a matter of fact, the beautiful symmetry of nature’s view tells us something beyond its surface that we cannot see just by looking. That’s why the best option that you have if you want to examine the real beauty underneath the surface is by acquiring enough learning and inspiration, and that’s what a Book About Various Birds & Water Life can be helpful.

Just like the towering giants of the cityscape, learning seems an endless task for learners. That’s why acquiring knowledge must be fun and alluring for us not to feel boredom when learning. Who would not admire the sunset kissing the ocean while its sunlight kisses the glaring waters? Or the green forests full of wild and exotic animals and plants? We don’t need to be Botanists to learn about plants or a zoologist to study animals; all we need is our curiosity and endless ecstasy for the soothing feeling of a flower’s scent and love n every living thing on earth.

The craft of planting and conserving the forests seems in forestry. But that’s not always the case. Every one of us can do great things for the benefit of our surroundings. Trees such as big and matured trees have many benefits not just for us but for all the living things. They provide habitat, store carbon, perpetuate water quality, balance the climate, and enhance the ambiance that is full of life and fresh air. All we need to do is to encourage people to conserve the forest, create parks, and advocate against the activities that would kill all life here on earth.

 The best way to eradicate the danger caused by climate change is through reforestation. Restoring the ecosystems gives essential habitat for the species that are menaced by extinction. The best way to actualize this is by simply planting for the community or just by helping the organizations whose advocacy is about reforestation. Let’s bear in mind that planting trees should not be a gateway ticket for destroying the God-given creation.

The best way to help is to educate yourself about the forests, their significance, and the ultimatum they face. The more you acquire knowledge about forestry, the more effective you can help and learn about the wonders of the ecosystems. The more you can admire their beauty, convolution, and the essential role they play in our planet’s welfare. Armed with your fresh insights and learning, you can effectively help and educate others to take action.

Advocate for Climate Change Solutions

Climate change is already around the corner. Its influence is already giving us a hint of what it feels like to be in the abyss of hell’s dominion. Rising the temperature can cause many species’ extinction through distorting the fabric of balanced ecosystems on which countless living things depend. The best way to reflect and notice this kind of phenomenon is by spending time in the parks or on city sidewalks and open spaces. Feel the scorching heat of the sun slowly eating your skin cells and burning your face like a rag flamed by a lighter. Experiencing this can give you a hint of what it feels like to be slowly dying, and if it’s not cured, the planet will eventually turn into ashes. So, how can we help solve the problem? Simple. Spend time in forests and green environments. They are magnificent. Spending time with nature can give you great appreciation and feeling of what it feels like to be in paradise full of green trees, climbing monkeys, and jumping frogs and rabbits.

Most importantly, teach the next generation. Your children are the future of humanity. Inspire them to appreciate nature, teach them how to plant trees, teach them to explore the forest, and admire the sound of the animals and the beauty of plants and flowers. Let their curiosity run wild and endless. Let their mind and soul connect with nature so that the planet that we all love would not shrink to oblivion.

Help break the stigma of destroying our beloved planet and start spreading awareness of forest issues. Remember: Humans will not strive without the forests. Period. We must do the necessary things to preserve, love, and be friendly to the environment so that in the near future, children can still see the magnificent view of the world as we always admired even before.

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