Simple Things To Know When Considering To Visit Africa

Africa is a continent known for its exotic animal encounters, dramatic landscapes, world-class beaches, and rich cultural traditions. It stretches over 30 million square kilometers and is home to over 1.2 Billion people. Indeed, Africa has a vast landscape, both geographically and culturally. So we can conclude that there are many things to see here.

There are many countries in Africa that struggle with financial instability, and most of them are due to the fact of poverty and some social problems that are also prevalent around the world. But there are also places where tourism is booming. Countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, and Ethiopia are a few the examples of countries whose financial status is growing due to the fact that it attracts visitors.

Traveling safely in Africa o making the same good choices you would apply in any other destination. Educate yourself well before you consider traveling because you must be equipped and ready for a journey you want to have. Somehow, the best example of such a fantastic story is the memoir of Charles Sampson entitled Sparrows of Senegambia. This memoir told about his journey that started from Senegal up to the discovery of Senegambia, a historical name of the geographical region in west Africa that has been forgotten as time passed.

Here are the two ways how to travel around Africa:

Overland Africa Safari Tours

Overland safari tours are organized package tours of Africa. They are the easiest way to see Africa without a hassle. Inside the comfort of the vehicle, you know the beauty of Africa that what visitors find. From animals such as zebra, lions, tigers, and giant elephants, to the exotic birds flying around the Africa’s sky, it can never fall short of amazing you with its scenery and ambiance.

Traveling through Public Transportations

Traveling through bus gives you an idea what it feels like to be part of Africa’s everyday lives. Being a passenger can make you connect with the people and how they interact and communicate daily. This is an exciting part because it is also one of the essential things for a traveler. You have to know and understand not just the country but the people itself, and being a passenger of some public transport such as a bus in a country may be a great way to do that.

Here are some tips when Travelling around Africa

Always Travel by day

This tip will guarantee your experience and also your safety. When morning, the whole scenery of the place will be a scene, unlike at the night when the only things you can say are the lights that come from the city buzzing, stars and moons when you look up at the dark and gloomy sky.

Always wear your seatbelt.

When riding a bus, van, or a private car, always wear your seatbelt. This is to ensure the safeness while enjoying the ride. Besides, you cannot enjoy your journey when you know that there’s a danger lurking behind your back. So to avoid uneasiness on the ride and achieve peace of mind while enjoying, you should not forget to wear seatbelts and always exercise other necessary safety measures.

When Travelling, you should consider your needs.

In the middle of your journey, you don’t need to feel uneasy and uncomfortable, so during and before your long road escapade, you should first bring your necessary things to keep you going. One that is a very important thing to think about before going on a trip is to get a bottled water. Since Africa is known to be a land that is inhabited by massive desert lands, from summer in the Namib desert to the Serengeti in winter, you should think first to bring something to drink to avoid dehydration. The African sun is not gentle to any visitors.

And one that is very important is to don’t forget your personal first aid kit. Always bring enough of any prescription medication you take regularly. It very ideal for carrying a small first aid kit when you travel—chat to your travel clinic or healthcare professional and pack regular non-prescription medication that you use at home for minor medical needs.

With these details set above for you to be guided and be informed by the things you have to do, you can start an adventure full of satisfaction and peace of mind.  

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