Why Should Africa Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Africa is a rich treasure chest of a continent, a favorite of travelers worldwide.

Africa is a continent of beauty and mystery. A mix of bliss, enchantment, and ferocity. A place where the bold and the tame thrive together. Africa is an absolute jewel and wonder. Charles Sampson’s Sparrows of Senegambia is a book about the countries of Senegal and the Gambia. Senegambia is a loose confederation between the West African countries of Senegal and Gambia. Charles Sampson’s book is a memoir about the author’s birthplace and association with a dozen African countries and other places such as South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Despite the history of consistent occupation, Africa remains an enigma and a gem to behold for travelers.

Top reasons to travel to Africa  

As a continent, Africa remains one of the favorite international vacation destinations. Aside from headlining internationally in terms of history, politics, and environmental news, the pull of the continent lies within its natural wonders, landscape, geographical fascination, and exciting adventures. 

There’s never a dull moment in Africa. The nighttime might be filled with silence, yet the midnight sky is filled with a jaw-dropping display of the stars and constellations. During the daytime, when everything comes to life, the jungles and the safari are filled with excitement as wildlife go about their activities in their natural habitat. There’s also the cultural charm of the continent. The people, language, arts, and beliefs are all a celebration of the African people, one of the world’s most colorful and fascinating nations. 

Here are some top reasons why people travel near, far, and wide to reach this treasured continent.

African Safari

Africa is synonymous with the word “safari.” Africa is home to remarkable wildlife diversity. From lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, cheetahs, hyenas, ostriches, crocodiles, a mix of endangered species, etc., this natural world is a famous one for the travel bucket list – if not a must-travel destination. Some world-famous African safaris are Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, Kruger National Park, and Mana Pools & Lower Zambezi National Park. 

Geographical Wonders

Geographical wonders, also known as natural wonders, are natural geographic formation that remains untouched or unaltered by humans. Of course, this definition is not limited only to wild formation. The formation should be a wonder, an astonishment, a breathtaking thing of beauty. And Africa is a basketful of geographical wonders!

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, the world’s most excellent sheet of falling water, is a spectacular sight to behold with its stunning geomorphological features and land formation. Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain in Africa and the world, is also one of the world’s largest stratovolcanoes. This snow-topped peak mountain is also famous for having six different ecological zones. Victoria Falls and Mount Kilimanjaro are two of Africa’s many natural and famous geographical wonders. 

Sahara Desert​​

Although declared a natural wonder, this famous desert deserves to be highlighted and mentioned separately. The Sahara desert is the world’s most extensive dry, hot desert, approximately the same size as China or the United States. This world-famous geography includes massive dunes and dunes fields, other unusual landforms, stone plateaus, gravel plains, salt flats, and arid valleys. 

Gorillas in the Mist

These charismatic, intelligent, gentle giants are one of the main reasons to visit Africa. Gorillas possess similar human-like behaviors and emotions in that they experience happiness and sadness. These animals are part of the WWF’s effort for nature and wildlife conservation. Rwanda is famous for its African gorilla tour, following the American drama film “Gorillas in the Mist.” Professional ranges will lead visitors through Rwanda’s mountains, the gorillas’ natural habitat. 

Mozambique Beach Escapade

Of course, Africa is not only about jungles, safaris, mountain ranges, deserts, and the like. Africa is also a go-to continent for beach lovers, with its thousands of miles long pristine beaches, with fascinating background stories. Mozambique, one of the many beaches on the mainland, is a favorite beach spot for families and lovers. Lots of historical trades and explorations took place on the beach’s shores. With the magnificent Indian Ocean as its backdrop, Mozambique offers one-of-a-kind exciting marine adventure experiences. 

The tale of Ethiopia 

The tale of Ethiopia is a tale of the African people. Ethiopia is the place to go if you’re a traveler who is into a country’s deep rich culture and human history. This country has many cultural, historical, and world heritage sites, such as the remains of the Axum empire or the rock formation churches of Lalibela, where the famous Ark of the Covenant is said to be kept, the Blue Nile Falls, the Danakil Depression, etc.

Charles Sampson’s book about the countries of Senegal and the Gambia Sparrows of Senegambia touches on Africa’s story. Africa is more than just a continent. It is a place that’s a favorite subject of literature. More than just its broad vast magnificence, Africa is a treasure chest of natural wonders, people, culture, and history. Africa IS a traveler’s treasure chest fulfilled dream destination.

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  1. I agree, having visited many African countries from Morocco and Egypt down to the Cape I love the diversity and splendour of it, I regret not having visited Lalibela but maybe one day


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