The Wisdom of the Mountain and What you Need to Know about the Nine Universal Laws

Photo by Bran Sodre:

Wisdom of the Mountains reflects the spirit of transformation, growth, and adaptation, just like the fable story by Walter Hoge entitled Easter: McEaster Valley, which unites imagination and the purpose of giving the readers a lesson about life in general. It lays down nine universal laws that help create wealth, good health, and loving relationships, convert dreams into truths, enhances self-worth, and understand the laws of the heavens to experience love, joy, and peace. 

Law of Purpose 

Life’s purpose consists of the significant motivating purposes of our lives—the leading cause why we get up in the morning every single day. Life’s purpose, thus, guide life decisions, influence behaviors, shape goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning. 

Other people perceive purpose as connected to vocation—meaningful, enjoyable work. For others, their meaning lies in their responsibilities to their family or friends. Others seek meaning through spirituality and spiritual beliefs. 

Law of Acceptance 

Acceptance is the capacity to unconditionally treasure all parts of who we are. It is also about accepting the current situation with a load of understanding and working with the truth that, in the long run, can be valuable and purposeful. 

Law of Abundance 

We live in an expansive universe with sufficient money for all who want it. We can have all we want if we have the hard work and hearts to do what we should do to accomplish it. 

There is plenty of money available to a hardworking individual. We live in a beautiful universe and are wrapped on all sides by benefits and opportunities to acquire all we truly desire. Our attitude, of either abundance or scarcity toward money, will have a significant impact on whether we become rich or not.

Law of integrity 

Integrity means living life according to our morals and values. In a general sense, integrity makes us better person and can make us improves our overall potential. It also allows us to be our raw selves without adjusting to the approval or preference of others.

Law of Leadership

Leadership occurs at all levels within communities and organizations, not just among those who operate in defined “leadership roles.” It means various things to various people, different cultures, and other circumstances. But it is consistently a multifaceted role.

Influential leadership inspires disciples to flourish. It sets a guide, constructs a vision, and adapts as possibilities require. Leadership is about mapping out where you must go to “win” as a group or an institution. It’s vibrant, compelling, and uplifting.

Law of Freedom

Freedom is the ability or liberty to perform, communicate, or regard as one likes without limitation or condition and the lack of independence. “Freedom” signifies many things to many people. Freedom can suggest having the chance to vote for particular visions or for individuals who best portray the views. 

Freedom can refer to the idea of freedom of speech. It is the capability to voice individual opinions or viewpoints freely. Others may comprehend freedom in an economic context, where people strive to liberate themselves of financial debt, excellent credit, and arduous loans.

Law of Change 

There is a law that has a consistent and surprising impact on our lives, and that law is the law of change. The law of change notes that everything is in the manner of evolving to something else. Change occurs everywhere and with everyone and happens constantly. 

In the galaxies of outer space, where our sun will burn out in a few hundred million years, change is happening. In the subatomic world, where particles are clashing with one another and morphing into something, change is happening. Everything is continuously changing.

Law of Values

Human values are most meaningful in life—so vital that people are and should be willing to surrender almost anything to live with their values. Honestly, virtue, passion, and contentment are some of the end values or goal values that human beings strive to acquire, exercise, and live with. 

Law of Grace 

Grace is most required, and best understood in the midst of sin, misery, and brokenness. We live in a world of rating, worth, and expenditure, which result in judgment. That is why everyone desires and needs grace. Judgment kills. Only grace makes us alive.


All the laws offer an excellent and unconventional perspective, which, if practiced, can lead to excellent results. 


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