Prospects for Adventure Travel This Year

The year 2022 continues to open new outdoor adventures and international travel opportunities.

As we welcome the first quarter of the year, we embrace new plans and set new goals to make 2022 a remarkable year for us, despite the Covid-19 pandemic still in existence and becoming part of our everyday lives. We seek new beginnings and discoveries despite the challenges and slowly rebuild our lives. One aspect, though, that excites all of us is the prospect of traveling again. Recently inspired by amazing adventure reads, including Into the Wild by Mike Honeycutt, a travel book chronicling the author’s travels in various places, covering all seven continents, and the new release National Geographic Road Atlas 2022, we’ll take a look at the prospect for travel for this year.

 This year, we can expect more countries to welcome tourists and more borders to open up as states accept the pandemic as a manageable part of people’s lives.

Despite the threats of the Covid-19 virus and the continuous emergence of its variants, the world is moving forward to the new normal, embracing social distancing and safety protocols as part of daily responsibilities. Therefore, certain adjustments are being made within the travel industry to accommodate travel. In fact, leisure travels are also increasing since last year after vaccine rollouts and booster shots were given.

Even before 2021 ended, there have been reports of a significant increase in hotel and flight bookings for the first quarter of the year 2022, especially for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. With the W.T.T.C or the World Travel and Tourism Council projecting that travel and tourism will revert to pre-pandemic levels this year, hotels and tourist spots are expected to up their game in order to accommodate the influx of tourists. The airport and cruise industry is also expected to bounce back after almost two years of losing profit due to travel bans, border closings, and lack of bookings.

International flights, especially from the United States to various countries across the globe, are expected to increase. There were months last year were holiday flights increased. This year the potential increase is expected to rise more than a hundred percent from last year’s.

Another exciting prospect for this year is outdoor adventures and the opening of National parks and local tourist spots for campers and visitors.

While many are dreaming of international travels and seeing foreign lands after a two-year hiatus, actually getting a flight and navigating through your target destination might prove to be costly and complex. Countries have their respective protocols (testing, vaccine types, etc.). It is the reason why many are opting for local trips and camping outdoors instead.

Many can’t wait to go camping outdoors organize mountain expeditions and other wild adventures. Now that borders are opening their parks and other sites; we expect thousands of outdoor lovers to organize river treks, bonfires, forest camps, and other outdoor activities.

Field trips and short excursions which can be done in one day are also expected to increase. Traveling to local museums, galleries, and other tourist destinations will surely delight schoolers and even those looking to unwind from a hard day’s work.

Weekends are sure to see thousands rushing to beaches, mountain resorts, lakes, and other vacation destinations. Barbeque parties and overnight gatherings will soon be again a common thing in many parts of the world. And despite pandemic and government policies on mask mandates and testing requirements for travel, the desire of thousands of travelers and outdoor enthusiasts to finally go out will have a huge impact this year. And with the two-year pandemic restrictions finally easing up, travelers and tourists will surely spend a fortune just to see the world and experience outdoor adventures once again. That said, the travel industry and the national economy are expected to benefit from this year’s travel boom.

Overall, the year 2022 will be great for travel and outdoor adventures. Airports and cruises will benefit, the industry will recover, and most importantly, people will be happy and finally enjoy the beauty and scenery of the outside world, denied from them since the pandemic began.

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