Picture of zebra in a safari.

Why Should Africa Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Africa is a rich treasure chest of a continent, a favorite of travelers worldwide. Africa is a continent of beauty and mystery. A mix of bliss, enchantment, and ferocity. A place where the bold and the tame thrive together. Africa is an absolute jewel and wonder. Charles Sampson's Sparrows of Senegambia is a book about the countries of … Continue reading Why Should Africa Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Landscape of a farmland

The Alternative Rural Experience

With the turn of the century, the majority of the world’s population has moved away from rural areas to come and live that glamorous and fast-paced city life. High-paying jobs, ridiculous weekend parties, and all the shiny things money could buy are all very tempting things one could aspire to, and honestly, there is nothing … Continue reading The Alternative Rural Experience